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A child is a bundle of joy, one that every parent cherishes. But there are millions of children who are not blessed with parents who can give them even the basic necessities in life; they struggle even for food and clothing. They are not educated because their parents cannot afford to send them to school even if they wanted to. And they lose their entire childhood working to eke out a miserable living and support their parents and younger siblings. So if you decide to sponsor a child:

  • You’re making a world of difference in their lives: To you, it is just a question of a small amount every month, say $35 or a little more. To the child you are sponsoring, it is a huge sum of money. It goes towards paying for their education, clothes and food. It helps them build their lives and develop themselves through learning and schooling. They are able to focus on an ambition, a dream that will uplift them from the poverty they are surrounded by, and move on to a better life.
  • You’re doing something for your soul: When you know you are changing the life of a person through a simple donation, you feel good about yourself. You know that you’re doing the right thing, and this does wonders for your soul. You feel happy, content and fulfilled. And most important of all, you know you are doing the right thing by sponsoring a child.
  • You become a better person: When you have a fixed commitment every month, no matter how trivial the amount is, you realize that you have responsibilities and act accordingly. You become a better person and strive to much more for others in your daily life. And when you help one child, you want to help many more when you see the effects that your contribution has brought about.

When you decide to send money to sponsor a child, whether in your own country or abroad, ensure that the agency you choose to go through is reputable and is sure to use the money for the right purpose.