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With more problems and followers than time, many Christian evangelists are finding out that their iPhone can be used for much more than phone calls. Below are the top 20 incredible iPhone Apps for Christian evangelists. The apps can help with prayer, Bible study, productivity, and much more.

Incredible iPhone Apps for Christian Evangelists on Sunday Morning

Whether you have meticulously prepared for it or need last minute help, these Christian themed iPhone apps can help you with whatever you plan to discuss during service.

  1. Living Word Need to find a passage for a specific situation, but don’t have time to pour through the entire Bible? Then grab $1.99 and this app to do it for you. It contains several versions of the Bible including King James, NIV, and NKJV with over 300 passages. There are also meditations for different times of day.
  2. Bible Promises Similar to the above, this app allows you to search for Bible passages on a specific topic. In fact, it has over 30 subjects ranging from courage to fear. It is available for only $1.99, but there is also a Twitter page that often displays one of their verses on a regular basis with the topic included.
  3. My Utmost For His Highest One of the most popular devotionals, it is used by Christian evangelists across the world. Now available for your iPhone, simply enter the date to get the corresponding devotional. Available for $1.99, you can study for your sermon whether it is months or minutes away.
  4. Prayer List Simply scroll down the site to get this Christian iPhone app. It is lightweight and a great way to store and review prayer requests. You can keep the prayer requests of others organized and even make one for your own prayers.
  5. EZ Pray Go beyond the Biblical and get prayers from the saints to use Sunday morning. It has 14 different saints to choose from. Simply click on the pick of your choice to begin reading for $0.99.

Incredible Productivity Apps for Christian Evangelists

Keep your outbox fuller than the inbox with the help of these productivity apps that are also useful for Christians.

  1. Verbatim Need help memorizing that sermon? Then check out this app to get one that uses a simple approach to help you memorize long pieces of text. After you learn it, Verbatim can also help you recall it through challenges.
  2. Noter 2 Lite Stop looking for a pen and paper every time you need to jot something down. Not only does this app take and keep notes for you, but it also allows you to share them via Bluetooth or email. It also lets you manage appointments, important dates, and day-to-day activities from any system. Noter 2 even has multi-language support.
  3. Financer Lite Just like any other business leader, evangelists need to keep track of income and expenses. This app allows you to keep tabs on all of your expenses and access your current account balances in one convenient place. It even has an option for monthly budgets to help you stay on top of your expenses.
  4. Limeade Goal Tracker Simply sign into their site to begin using this free app. The popular Limeade site helps individuals of all kinds make, keep track of, and accomplish various goals. Just set up a new challenge, comment on your progress, and you can even connect with the community for more help.
  5. Mabame Keep track of all the highlights of your ministry with this fun iPhone app. It is both a journal and photo album for your iPhone that can keep track of just about anything. You can share your journals, keep them private, it has no adds, and you can even take a tour or try it for free.

Incredible Bible iPhone Apps for Christian Evangelists

Learn, read, review, or simply study more on various versions of the Bible with these iPhone apps.

  1. CCEK iPhone Applications Christian Classics Ethereal Library currently has three different Biblical related apps to choose from. You can get the NRSV Bible with three devotional books or Apocrypha for $9.99 each. There is also both a King James and American Standard version of the Bible, along with three devotional books, all for only $0.99.
  2. Olive Tree Bible Software This site also lets you choose from a variety of Bible themed apps. The Free BibleReader allows you to study the Bible with your favorite translations, commentaries, and tools. If you need more choose from apps such as ESV, GNT, NASB, NKJV, NIV, and other versions of the Bible.
  3. KJV Bible Audiobook Network Edition Why strain your eyes reading a passage from your iPhone when you can have it read to you? From iTourSoftware, the app can read you the Bible, let you read it, or read and let you follow along. It is lightweight, can work with the display turned off, has many other features, and best of all: it’s free.
  4. TouchBible This high tech Bible app works best with an iPhone or iPod with touch capabilities. It includes five different versions, a note taking feature, and even a Read The Bible In A Year option. It also has goodies such as the option to listen to music while you read, and it is completely free.
  5. The Holy Bible King James Version One of the newer iPhone apps, it features bookmark, write notes, different modes, and more. You can also read it anywhere with no internet needed and allows you to highlight. It sells for only $0.99 and is only 5.3 Mb big.

Incredible Helpful iPhone Apps For Christian Evangelists

Utilize these apps when praying, reflecting, or even if you have a little downtime.

  1. Crosswalk Mobile A leading Christian website, they also have a special section for those visiting with an iPhone or any other mobile device. Headlines on current events, spiritual life, family, and culture are all specially formatted for phones. You can also get a Daily Devotional.
  2. Positive Encouraging K-LOVE You can listen to this Christian themed radio station straight from your iPhone. It contains not only the latest in Christian music, but sermons as well. Best of all, if you hate commercials, you won’t get them here.
  3. Mobile Worship Network Watch videos of sermons and more from many popular ministries with the help of this app. It also features testimonials, devotionals, and educational videos. You may even recognize many of the famous speakers such as Kirk Cameron and Bono.
  4. Bible Blocks Learn the Bible and play a game at the same time with this app. A Tetris like game challenges you to fit the correct piece into a circle. Available to purchase for $0.99.
  5. Hail Mary If you’re Catholic, need to pray, and don’t have a Rosary, don’t worry. This app can literally turn your iPhone into an interactive Rosary with beads and all. Prayers are displayed in English, French, Italian, or Spanish. It also works with the tap feature and sells for $2.99.

Christian evangelists can find all sorts of help and uses with these top 20 incredible iPhone apps. Everyone from an evangelist with decades of experience and thousands of parishioners to the first year grad will appreciate the help with prayer, sermon preparation, study, and more.